How to

Make a good first impression

Your resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees. They take a mental note before a word is even read based on the design. Discover the best resume design principles with our free download and email course:
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It's about UX

User experience. A resume should be easy to navigate and read.


The Top 1/3

Is the most important part because it forms the initial opinion of you.

Font & Style

They are essential elements of the resume to ensure it flows.



The right format helps make sure your resume is not overlooked.

Good resume design builds trust

The design of your resume either moves the reader to speak with you, or not. Predictable design and compelling content conveys trust and expertise.

Why spend time on the design of your resume?

A well-designed resume is easy to read and predictable. It needs to be organized and have the essential content that hiring managers are looking for. If done right, it will help get you interviews.

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A better resume is the first step to a better job

We’d love to share more about how you can use design to make your resume better. It’s simple.  Register and we’ll show you how to develop your resume so you won’t miss out on opportunities.
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